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Carrier's Onboard With Jaguar
You're not just a Carrier, you're our partner!

We take care of you so you can focus on the road. The Jaguar team is here to handle all of your needs to ensure efficiency and productivity.  All services included!

Thank you for allowing us to be your Professional Logistics Service Provider.


The last thing you need to worry about is compliance! You can count on Jaguar to handle all of your compliance.

  • Permits & registrations

  • IFTA preparation & file

  • Driver qualification file

  • 22/90 filing

  • FMCSA Registration & updates

Back Office and Support

If you haven't guessed by now, we literally do everything for you except drive! We will handle all of your back office support.

  • Invoicing & Billing

  • TMS  Management

  • Compliance

  • Funding

  • COMCheck

  • Lumper Fees

  • Fuel Advance

Personal TMS

We will set you up with your very own AscendTMS account and manage it for you. You will be very organized with complete load & document management,  accounting, GPS load tracking with NO APP NEEDED, call checks via automated text every 6 hours, EDI capabilities to eliminate all paper, and so much more. Our TMS Experts and the Ascend system will blow your mind just how well organized and easier your life will be.

Dispatch Services

We establish a complete dispatch system for your trucking company. We are not dispatchers, as a Freight Broker we provide the necessary dispatch service you need while on the road. No pesky check calls either! Our automated system will keep you from being bothered with phone calls so you can focus on the road. With knowledge of the freight, we'll keep you moving.

Freight Brokering

As a freight broker, we view our job as Trucking Company Development. Our job is to help you grow with freight consistency and bring you direct to the shippers. We never stop researching for freight opportunities to create consistent lanes and opportunity for your equipment growth to get you to the next level.

Worry Free

We stand in your corner! Nobody can understand how it is in the drivers shoes and we get that. Our CEO has been there! You deserve to earn what you're worth and to be treated properly. You're the one actually doing the hard work with your blood, sweat and tears.  Jaguar lives by the philosophy to operate our business and treat every person, staff, carrier, shipper, vendor, financial institutions, etc with 1000% fairness, integrity and respect.

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