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FMCSA's Official

Compliance Guide for

Brokers and Bona Fide Agents

11/15/22 FMCSA

Official Notice of Interim Guidance

for Bona Fide Agents

06/16/23 FMCSA

Official Notice and Final Ruling

for Bona Fide Agents

11/15/22 Article

FMCSA Interim Guidance Released

11/15/22 Article

FMCSA Interim Guidance Released

​        Dept. of Energy On-Highway Diesel Prices                                                                US Dept. of Transportation Information :

                   24-hour hotline: 202-586-6966                                                                                                         Dial 511   

                      FMCSA Customer Service                                                                                          DOT Customer Service

                               800-832-5660                                                                                                                   202-366-4000

     Cost per Mile online worksheet - courtesy of OOIDA                               Fuel Surcharge online calculator- courtesy of OOIDA
       Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association                                  Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association

                Ohana Office Products                                       Summa Office Supplies                                         Strategic Network Solutions

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DAT Power is the industry’s most advanced load board for carriers and freight brokers,

with powerful tools for advanced filtering, group collaboration, automatic refreshes, multiple searching and posting simultaneously, partner research tools and market-leading rate tools.

                                                                                                               30-DAY FREE TRIAL!


                                                                                                                        *Note: Per DAT: Promotions for new subscribers only

                                               GPS Check Calls via Texting                    Manage Loads                                      Accounting

                        Driver & Truck Profiles and Maintenance Logs                      Integrated with Several Factoring and ELD Companies

                                                                                                 Access Several Load Boards in One Screen

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Manage every aspect of your logistics and distribution operations with the same

transportation management system (TMS) technology used by the world's largest companies.

AscendTMS gives you and your entire team complete control over your daily freight movements.

                                                                                          30-DAY FREE TRIAL PREMIUM ACCOUNT!

                                                                                                 No card needed to try it out.

After 30-days, if you don't keep the premium version, you may continue with the basic free version.

Enter This Promo Code When Opening Your Free Account


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Several items, this is just a partial screenshot. 

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